Welcome to YangyangShen's site! I am going to apply for Ph.d in space physics!

Contact Information


Phone: (86)134-3710-7881

Research Interests


School of Electronic Information,Wuhan University(WHU)

  Advisor:Prof.Hui Wang


  Overall GPA: 83/100   Relevant Courses Average: 87/100

Research Experience

Modeling the Auroral Oval at high-latitude Ionosphere,2012.10-2013.5

Investigating Seasonal Effect of Plasma Drifts on the Thermospheric Zonal Wind(NNSFC funded),2010.11-2011.10


WANG Hui, SHEN Yang-Yang, MA Shu-Yin. Comparative study of the Effect of ionospheric plasma flow on thermospheric zonal wind at mid and high latitudes. Chinese Journal of Geophysics, 2013. Submitted.


Programming: Matlab, C/C++, FORTRAN, LaTeX

Awards and Honors

Standardized Tests

TOEFL: Reading 29, Listening 28, Speaking; 20, Writing 29, Total 106

GRE: Verbal 156 (70%), Quantitative 170 (98%), Analytical Writing 3.5 (35%)